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Why join?

We offer our members the tools and resources required for them to become confident, highly skilled negotiators. Membership is open to anyone in the world interested in negotiation. For many, negotiation plays a key role in their working lives. But for all, negotiation is a skill that they are interested in developing and learning more about.

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The Digital Classroom provides access to online programs and our negotiation planning tools that develop and embed negotiation expertise.


The Knowledge Bank contains a range of content and resources that enable our members to develop, practice and extend their negotiation understanding.


The Newsroom keeps our members abreast of negotiation news and blogs as well as offering them exclusive access to the latest edition of our magazine.


The Community gives members exclusive access to negotiation events and seminars around the world.


What is The Negotiation Society?

The Negotiation Society is a global community and digital platform established by The Gap Partnership, the world’s leading negotiation consultancy. With access to the latest negotiation tools and insights, members have the resources required to develop and embed their skills so they can optimize the value of every deal they make.

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See where your negotiation strengths and development areas lie through The Gap Partnership's negotiation profiler.



"I am very excited that the launch of The Negotiation Society enables us for the first time to connect a global community of negotiators, as well as providing them with the tools and insight to become better negotiators"

Graham Botwright, CEO, The Gap Partnership


"As a small business owner this site gives me the support and advice that I need to negotiate effectively, and that I otherwise would not be able to gain access to"

Mary Edwards, Independent Business Owner


"The Negotiation Society is a perfect resource for my team, enabling them to continue to embed and practice the skills they have learned on the TCSN"

John Eggerton, Sales Director, FMCG


Who can join TNS?

The Negotiation Society is open to anyone with an interest in negotiation.

Who are your members?

Our members come from a wide range of sectors and industries around the world. They are united by an interest in negotiation and for many it plays a key role in their working lives. We also have a growing number of negotiation professors from law and business schools and postgraduate law and MBA students.

Do you offer negotiation training?

Advanced Members have access to The Foundation Negotiator, The Gap Partnership’s online development program that teaches a basic understanding or refresher of the principles and strategies involved in commercial negotiation. For additional training solutions please contact The Gap Partnership directly via www.thegappartnership.com.

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