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Leslie Josephs

How airlines are shaving minutes off flight times to save millions

Airlines are introducing new technology and strategies to turn planes around faster as they look for ways to save on costs.


NFL's Black Friday game is the latest warning sign for traditional TV

NFL's first Black Friday game, between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins, is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Drew Richardson

Interests: Risk

It's TikTok Shop's first Christmas, and shoppers are torn between hot deals and ethics

As consumers head into the holiday season, a new e-commerce platform has entered the playing field: TikTok Shop.

Laya Neelakandan

Interests: Variables

World on pace to blow past Paris climate targets, UN says

Global emissions need to fall 42 percent by 2030 to set the world on a path to limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Humanity remains far from that goal.

Benjamin Storrow

Interests: Collaborative

Dowden’s ‘hit squad’ aims to replace civil service jobs with AI

The deputy prime minister said automation could shrink the state.

Vincent Manancourt

Interests: Risk

Amazon says its first Project Kuiper internet satellites were fully successful in testing

Amazon plans to begin building the first production Kuiper satellites in December and launch the first satellites for its network in mid-2024.

Michael Sheetz

Interests: Planning

Selfridges comes under full control of Thailand’s Central Group

Announcement after Central’s Austrian partner Signa Group was placed in hands of restructuring expert.


Interests: Power

YouTube debuts AI tool that mimics vocals of artists like John Legend, Demi Lovato

YouTube is further betting on AI with its experimental tool that will allow users to create AI-generated music using the voices of popular music artists.

Stefan Sykes

Interests: Creativity

EU won’t ‘dilute’ ambition, says new climate chief

Maroš Šefčovič says he'll defend the bloc's efforts to slash emissions, but he won't push the envelope.

Zia Weise

Interests: Power

Big Tech’s to-do list under new EU content rules

Large digital platforms will have to clamp down on illegal and harmful content as soon as Friday under the bloc's content-moderation rulebook.

Clothilde Goujard

Interests: Execution

AMC shares crater as investors brace for stock conversion

The movie theater chain's preferred equity units, dubbed APE shares, are set to be transformed into common stock.

Sarah Whitten

Interests: Variables