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Giorgio Leali

French unions vow further protests on 10th general strike against Macron’s pension plans

Rallies drew smaller crowds as government refuses to budge on increased retirement age.


Britain expected to join Indo-Pacific trade pact this week

CPTPP deal is not yet final but an agreement in principle is due in the coming days, three people familiar with the negotiations tell POLITICO.

Graham Lanktree

Interests: Collaborative

Millennials plan to stick with online shopping even as stores rebound, new survey finds

While the early part of the pandemic saw an unprecedented online shopping boom, eager shoppers have been returning to reopened stores. 

Natasha Piñon

Interests: Variables

TikTok's ad business is growing around live sports as platform faces possible U.S. ban

Brands like State Farm and T-Mobile are putting a bigger emphasis on advertising on TikTok.

Lillian Rizzo

Interests: Risk

Europe told to aim for a moon mission

Continent leads on just two of 100 moon missions planned up to 2030.

Joshua Posaner

Interests: Creativity

Renault CEO’s message to Germany: Car engines are dying, the future is electric

'All the money is going into electric or hydrogen technology,' Luca de Meo told POLITICO event.

Nicolas Camut & Joshua Posaner

Interests: Strategy

A lot of money is on the line for women's pro soccer in the U.S.

The National Women's Soccer League, fresh off a year of scandal and huge growth, kicks off its season this week.

Jessica Golden

Interests: Collaborative

FedEx hikes 2023 earnings forecast as cost-cutting initiatives bear fruit

FedEx hiked its 2023 earnings forecast on Thursday, citing cost-cutting measures that offset continued demand weakness.

Noah Sheidlower

Interests: Risk

UK to swerve recession this year as Hunt vows ‘budget for growth’

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt says 'plan is working' but Labour says 'major surgery' needed — while squeeze on wages set to continue.

Andrew McDonald, Matt Honeycombe-Foster

Interests: Strategy

Volkswagen announces five-year $193 billion investment plan as electrification gathers pace

More than two thirds of Volkswagen's planned five-year investment will target "electrification and digitalization."

Elliot Smith

Interests: Strategy

Amazon shows off new satellite internet antennas as it takes on SpaceX's Starlink

Amazon revealed a trio of satellite antennas, as the company prepares to take on SpaceX's Starlink with its Project Kuiper internet network.

Michael Sheetz

Interests: Collaborative