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John Rosevear and Michael Wayland

Automakers are jacking up prices on electric vehicles to bake in rising materials costs

Automakers have begun raising EV prices as commodity costs surge. Will mainstream consumers be priced out?


Germany passes €9 nationwide monthly transit pass plan

The Bundesrat approval means the three-month subsidized pass plan will come into force from June 1.

Joshua Posaner

Interests: Collaborative

Battle brewing among UK retailers over government’s business tax plans

Sainsbury’s and others call for tax on internet sales, while Marks & Spencer says that would ‘punish’ go-ahead outlets.

Sarah Butler and Joe Middleton

Interests: Variables

Walmart shares fall as higher costs, supply chain problems and inventories eat into profits

The discounter said the significant jump in fuel prices, higher labor costs and aggressive inventory levels weighed on the company's profits.

Melissa Repko

Interests: Risk

Inflation is the ‘top problem’ facing America, with no other issue coming close, survey shows

Amid swelling prices, most Americans see inflation as the biggest issue facing the country — far exceeding other concerns, according to a survey.

Kate Dore, CFP

Interests: Risk

Pressure grows for summer mini-budget amid recession fears

Sharp selloff of shares and fall in pound against the dollar follow news of surprise contraction in economy.

Larry Elliott

Interests: Risk

With floods and electricity shortages, South Africa's economy is threatening to go into reverse

South Africa's economy picked up momentum in the first quarter of the year, but flooding in a key province and power cuts are putting the brakes on its recovery.

Elliot Smith

Interests: Risk

Compass v Ocado proves bottom-line profits and dividends still matter

Don’t write off Ocado in very long term – but reversal also points to one of the stock market’s terrible habits.

Nils Pratley

Interests: Strategy

How the digital sneaker boom changed Foot Locker's business

Foot Locker is the largest footwear retailer in the world with a strong brick-and-mortar presence, but can it keep up with the growing digital sneaker world?

Jade Tungul

Interests: Creativity

Morrisons wins race to buy McColl’s ahead of Asda owners

All 16,000 staff of struggling convenience store chain will be transferred to the supermarkets group.

Joanna Partridge and Jasper Jolly

Interests: Strategy

Used-car prices are down from record highs, easing the impact of inflation

Wholesale vehicle prices have dropped 6.4% since the January record.

Michael Wayland

Interests: Variables