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Krystal Hur

Software company acquisitions are a bullish sign for the sector’s stocks, Cramer says

"The long software nightmare may finally be over," Jim Cramer said.


Business travel costs are expected to rise through 2023, industry report says

Business travel has rebounded but challenges include economic weakness and labor shortages.

Leslie Josephs

Interests: Variables

Disney streaming subscriber growth blows past estimates, as company beats on top and bottom line

Disney posted better-than-expected earnings on both the top and bottom line, bolstered by increased spending at its domestic theme parks.

Sarah Whitten

Interests: Strategy

Japanese shipping giant to take part in tidal power project planned for Singapore

The International Energy Agency has said "marine technologies hold great potential."

Anmar Frangoul

Interests: Collaborative

Netflix is expanding its push into video games, but few subscribers are playing along

Netflix has been rolling out the games as a way to keep users engaged between show releases. But estimates suggest few subscribers are playing.

Jack Stebbins

Interests: Creativity

Spain orders temperature limits for businesses in sweeping energy saving decree

Authorities say move will help Spain reach goal of reducing gas consumption by 7 percent.

Victor Jack

Interests: Strategy

PepsiCo takes $550 million stake in energy drink maker Celsius

PepsiCo announced Monday a $550 million investment in energy drink maker Celsius Holdings as part of a long-term distribution deal with the smaller company.

Amelia Lucas

Interests: Creativity

Higher prices help Procter & Gamble offset commodity costs, but Tide maker warns of more challenges

Procter & Gamble reported mixed quarterly results and warned it expects challenges such as rising commodity costs to persist in its fiscal 2023.

Jack Stebbins

Interests: Risk

The space economy grew at fastest rate in years to $469 billion in 2021, report says

The global space economy grew last year at the fastest annual rate since 2014, according to a report by the Space Foundation.

Michael Sheetz

Interests: Creativity

UK e-commerce firm THG ends investment deal with Japan’s SoftBank

Company, which owns sites such as Lookfantastic and Zavvi, blames ‘global macroeconomic conditions’.

Sarah Butler

Interests: Variables

Coca-Cola's earnings top expectations as sales volume recovers from pandemic

Coke reported quarterly earnings and revenue Tuesday that exceeded analysts' expectations.

Amelia Lucas

Interests: Execution