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Gabriel Cortés

Here are 6 buying categories cheaper today than they were before the pandemic

Prices naturally rise over time, but the pandemic pushed inflation to decades highs. These few categories, however, are cheaper than they were pre-pandemic.

Planning, Psychology

2024 will usher new tech to extract natural gas

Greater gas demand is expected to drive the deployment of new technologies to recover otherwise inaccessible reserves.

Jov Onsat

Interests: Creativity

Retailers to pay for consumers’ e-waste recycling from 2026 under UK plans

Households will be able to drop off cables and other electrical waste in-store or have home collections, says Defra.

Anna Isaac

Interests: Creativity

How to mentor more people and not get burned out

While mentoring people can be extremely rewarding, it has its challenges. It can be time-consuming and frustrating. However, if you structure and administer mentorships wisely, you can overcome the challenges, excel in being a mentor, and enhance your standing in your organization.

Kavitha Ranganathan, Michael Englesbe

Interests: Strategy

UK and Switzerland strike ‘first of its kind’ financial services deal

Top finance minister Jeremy Hunt says deal a signal 'to all other countries that we are open to doing a deal that boosts choice and competition.'

Stefan Boscia

Interests: Collaborative

EU countries reach deal on national spending rules reform

Deal includes some strict targets wanted by Germany. But some softer measures help indebted countries such as France and Italy.

Gregorio Sorgi, Bjarke Smith-Meyer, Giorgio Leali, Lucia Mackenzie

Interests: Strategy

Research: The Growing Inequality of Who Gets to Work from Home

There is a large and growing divide in terms of who gets to work from home. Research on job postings found that remote work is far more common for higher paid roles, for roles that require more experience, for full-time work, and for roles that require more education.

Peter John Lambert, Nicholas Bloom, Steven Davis, Stephen Hansen, Yabra Muvdi, Raffaella Sadun, Bledi Taska

Interests: Variables

To work well with GenAI, you need to learn how to talk to it

Natural language conversations are at the foundation of how people work — historically that’s been true for how we work together, and now that’s also true for how we work with our computers. These conversations contain a lot of knowledge that LLMs will unlock.

Jaime Teevan

Interests: Creativity

How to Handle an Emotionally Charged Negotiation

Research has shown that leaders who demonstrate strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills have a significant positive impact on their organizations. Yet, these skills are hard to learn and often take years of experience and practice. This article highlights a simple negotiation strategy that leaders can start using today to make their next tricky meeting most productive.

Greg McKeown

Interests: Strategy

Amazon to connect Kuiper satellites with laser links to boost space internet network

Traditionally, satellites are limited to sending data between an individual spacecraft and the ground. Laser links connect satellites to one another.

Michael Sheetz

Interests: Creativity

8 Essential qualities of successful leaders

Becoming a great leader is a journey of continuous learning and growth. It’s a process — one that thrives on embracing challenges, seeking feedback, fostering connections, and cultivating understanding.

Rebecca Knight

Interests: Strategy