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Getting Inside the Other Party's Head

The ability to see the deal from the other party's perspective will ensure you maximize value for yourself.

Mickel Ouweneel

Interests: Psychology

Don't Talk About What You Can't Do, Talk About What You Can Do

Keep the climate positive and oil the wheels of the deal by stating what's possible, not what isn't.

John Clements

Interests: Psychology

Never Split The Difference

Why splitting the difference should be avoided, unless it's a deliberate tactic.

Sven Mermans

Interests: Psychology, Strategy, Competitive, Collaborative

Lateral Thinking

How thinking creatively and laterally can allow you to create and optimize value in your negotiations.

Keon Chung

Interests: Psychology

Testing The Waters

The subtle and effective art of testing out proposals before you place them on the negotiation table.

An Moisson

Interests: Planning

Value Engines

In the same way your car engine delivers power to its wheels, you can design little engines in your negotiations that will tell you the value to both parties without you having to do anything other than design the engine.

Lucia Roccatagliata

Interests: Planning

Negotiating By Email

Top tips for negotiating through email.

Jonathan Plows

Interests: Strategy

How to Spot Their Breakpoint

Top tips to help negotiators assess the other party's breakpoint.

Esther Shearwood

Interests: Psychology

How To Build Trust

Top tips for creating trust in your negotiations in order to get to a better result.

Rachael Langley

Interests: Collaborative