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Is stress hijacking your brain? Part 1: The amygdala hijack

In the first of a four-part series on the neuroscience behind stress and how negotiators can understand it, manage it, and even overcome it, Josh Cooley reports on the catastrophic impact acute stress can have on our cognitive abilities. Feeling stressed yet? Read on. This short series of articles has got you.

Josh Cooley

Interests: Psychology

Coaching yourself to success

Seeking out advice and being coachable is one of life’s vital skills and the only way to grow, learn, perform and improve. James shares his top tips for creating a coachable mindset.

James Goode

Interests: Psychology

Oil and gas failures: Learning for negotiators

Failures are common within the oil and gas space, and the desire to innovate can come at a cost when you are pushing boundaries to reach unattainable resources in the attempt to improve efficiency to gain profitability.

Jeff Wozniak

Interests: Variables

Price increases in an inflationary market

Consumers, retailers, and manufacturers are all facing price increase pressures; no one is satisfied, and the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better. Ivan explores how planning with a holistic mindset, internal alignment and being shopper and category-centric will go a long way to ensuring you walk away from the negotiation table achieving all of your objectives.

Ivan Jankovic

Interests: Planning

Negotiations in a boom-and-bust industry: A lesson from oil and gas

Oil and gas: the boom-and-bust rollercoaster industry. What are the far-reaching effects on the global economy, and what impact do the continuous cycles of negotiations between the service providers, suppliers, and production companies have?

Jeff Wozniak

Interests: Variables

Why extroverts make effective negotiators

People are not born effective negotiators; they learn and develop the skillset. Calling all extroverts! Understand how your characteristics can be equally as effective in a negotiation as that of your introvert friends.

Alistair White

Interests: Psychology

Negotiating with corporate dementia

Across the world millions of people are discovering new information, creating great deals, or learning tough lessons. Experience is knowledge, knowledge is information, and information is power. 

Joshua Cooley

Interests: Power

Negotiating blind

Having the right information for a complete skilled negotiation is paramount, yet sometimes we have a blind spot. Challenge and listen to what your counterparty is saying, and try to see the complete picture.

Joshua Cooley

Interests: Risk

Negotiating in changeable circumstances

Rising inflation and global cost increases is adding considerable strain to commercial relationships, with negotiation challenges on both sides of the table.

Donna Selway

Interests: Psychology