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Trending now: Thriving in the era of virtual deal-making

In the ever-evolving landscape of negotiations, a significant transformation has taken center stage since the pivotal year of 2020. Our recent global study has unveiled a compelling trend: 56% of decision-makers now primarily conduct negotiations in the virtual realm.

Alex Kröller

Interests: Variables

Trending now: Creative negotiation: Unlocking your supply chain challenges

Freddy Burgess shines a light on supply chain challenges and the opportunity they present, sparking this thought: can creative negotiation be the key to navigating the complexities of the supply chain to ensure success?

Freddy Burgess

Interests: Creativity

Trending now: Dueling dynamics: The dance of competition and collaboration

Have you ever unknowingly found yourself in a negotiation? You're not alone! Whether you're a natural collaborator or a fierce competitor, understanding your style is crucial. Svetlana de Chabot unravels the dueling dynamics of competition and collaboration, showcasing how the right skills and strategies can help you master this dynamic dance for mutual success!

Svetlana de Chabot

Interests: Psychology

Trending now: Steady sailing amidst price surges: Navigating turbulent business waters

Our research shines a spotlight on the macro trends that shape negotiation. Are you ready to navigate the stormy seas of business amid price surges? Stay ahead of the tides and dive into Mallory Gazette's article for expert insights and smoother sailings.

Mallory Gazette

Interests: Variables

The evolving dynamics of negotiation in the modern era

The year 2020 stands tall as one such monumental juncture. As the world grappled with unprecedented challenges, the very fabric of business and global affairs underwent a profound transformation. Join Matt Stockdale as he delves into how the upheavals of 2020 reshaped business dynamics, sparking a surge in non-negotiable terms and redlines in contracts. Navigating this new terrain, the art of striking a balance between safeguarding interests and nurturing relationships takes center stage.

Matt Stockdale

Interests: Strategy

Negotiation Jujitsu: Five playful ways to master mental agility

From those unforeseen eureka moments to mastering each twist and turn, Mallory Gazette will have you navigating through negotiations with a touch of creativity. Get ready to unearth ingenious hacks that will supercharge your negotiation skills and reveal a universe of untapped potential.

Mallory Gazette

Interests: Strategy

Trending now: Unveiling the dramatic shift in interest rates

In the span of the last 18 months, the world witnessed a seismic surge in interest rates – a financial whirlwind that even left some calculators scratching their heads. Dive into Michael Perlish's latest article, a beacon of clarity in these uncertain times.

Michael Perlish

Interests: Variables

Bridge over troubled water

Britain privatized its water industry in the late 80’s. Recent public confidence in the sector has been shattered, and polls show many people support nationalization. Jane Simon explores the challenges regulators and water companies face in their future negotiations.

Jane Simon

Interests: Risk

Trending now: Unravelling the true transformation of employment negotiation

It is not enough to just be commercially successful anymore. Workers want meaning and purpose. Are businesses addressing the universal challenges modern humanity faces? Jordan sheds light on the evolving dynamics of employee-to-employer relationships and strategies to negotiate your way through it.

Jordan Steinohrt

Interests: Variables