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The Negotiation Society has two tiers of membership Advanced and Associate. The features of both are outlined in the following table.  If you have been provided with a membership joining code, please copy and paste it below.

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I want to keep up to date with negotiation news, events and opinion by registering for free Associate Membership.
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I would like full access to the Knowledge Bank, Negotiation Tools and Negotiation 365, the twelve month digital learning program.

Digital Classroom


Foundation Negotiator

The Foundation Negotiator is an online learning program designed to provide an understanding of the foundation principles of negotiation. It is also an ideal platform for more experienced negotiators who are looking for a quick refresher around the basic principles of negotiation. This is an optional extra available to purchase separately for any member.


Planning Tools

The Gap Partnership's negotiation planning tools enable you to plan and prepare effectively for your negotiations and maximize the value of your deal.

Profiler Lite

Negotiation Profiler

The Negotiation Profiler gives our members the opportunity to assess their current negotiation skills and identify those areas that could benefit from further development.


Negotiation 365

Negotiation 365 is a twelve-month digital learning program designed to embed, secure and enhance the skills and understanding of what it takes to be an expert negotiator.

Knowledge Bank

Negotiation Insights

Our carefully curated thought leadership will ensure you remain a step ahead of your counterparts in all the latest negotiation thinking.

Negotiation Practice

Whether you wish to practice hard bargaining or joint problem solving, our collection of role play exercises will help perfect your negotiation techniques.

Negotiation Shorts

Our series of bite-sized films distil and explain an essential negotiation principle enabling you to revisit, embed and develop your understanding.

Everyday Negotiation

From buying a house to upgrading a hotel room, take a look at how our negotiation experts have used their negotiation skills to secure the best deal possible.



We curate daily news from around the world that we believe our members will be interested in reading.

Negotiation Blog

Every week our experts give their take on negotiations occurring in the world around them.

Consultant Diaries

Our traveling consultant lifts the lid on the work they do day in day out in supporting some of the world’s largest clients on their negotiations.

Negotiation Magazine

Our members gain exclusive access to the biannual digital version of The Negotiation Society Magazine with the option to subscribe to the premium print version should they wish to.


Discussion Boards

Our discussion boards give our members the chance to join lively debates and discussion on any negotiation topic of their choosing.


We run negotiation events and seminars around the world for our members.




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