06 March 2023

Looking for a dose of female empowerment? Listen to this episode of "Inside My Head" with host Jessie and special guests Sarah Welsh and Farah Kabir. Together, they co-founded Hanx, a brand that focuses on sexual wellness and intimate care without the stigma. They share their inspiring career journey, which saw them leave the corporate and medical fields to create a sex-positive and sustainable brand. Tune in as they reveal what it takes to bring a good idea to life and become a successful entrepreneur. From taking a leap of faith and walking the talk with passion, to calculating the risk and researching the market, they've got plenty of insights to share. Hear how their backgrounds and experiences helped them launch Hanx and how they compete with major brands by identifying a strong negotiating point and understanding their targeted consumers. As female entrepreneurs, Sarah and Farah offer invaluable advice on how to stand out and make a difference in any industry. Get ready to be inspired by subscribing to The Negotiation Society podcast on your favourite platform.

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"We were so passionate about what we wanted to provide in women's health and serving that as a purpose and having that really drove home why we are different and why it is needed in the market. And ultimately we started with condoms and lubricants. We know that over 40% of purchases of condoms are actually made by women. They haven't been any brands out there on the shelf that have represented women."