06 June 2023
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"I was offered this job that I really wanted and I was so excited about it. I went through the interview process, really prepared for it, did everything I could, got the job offer, but when they offered me the job, the salary they offered me was lower than what I was expecting. Honestly it was lower than I felt like I deserved."

Dive deep into the fascinating realm of negotiation and personal growth as Lee Peterson, a seasoned sales and development expert, teams up with Mike Kamins for an exhilarating episode of Inside My Head. Prepare to be captivated as Lee shares her incredible journey from salesperson to principal consultant and founder of Learning Karma, unveiling the power of psychology-based tools, the growth mindset, and the crucial importance of life skills education. Brace yourself for an eye-opening discussion on salary negotiation and the future of learning, where Lee uncovers the role of AI, diversity, and adaptability in our ever-changing world.