04 March 2024

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Jessie Lancaster as she unveils the compelling story of Jo-Glynn Smith—a transformative coach whose negotiation skills have transformed her career! From a British military base to fashion's center stage, Jo's resilience and negotiation prowess are the driving forces behind her success. Navigate through her experiences at boarding school, where early negotiations set the stage for a remarkable journey. Explore the fashion world with Jo, witnessing her transition from retail to publishing, leaving an indelible mark. Discover the impact of Jo's innovative initiatives at Harper's Bazaar, where the Woman of the Year awards became a beacon of empowerment, seamlessly bridging fashion, business, and female leadership. Witness Jo's seamless transition to corporate leadership at Pandora, where her negotiation finesse propelled her to new heights. Don't miss this inspiring dialogue as Jo shares insights and experiences, emphasizing the pivotal role of negotiation in achieving unparalleled career success.

Jo G S

"It's about perspective. It's about understanding what you really want and then the negotiation revolves around that. You know, I think sometimes employees or employers are really excited if you're not negotiating salary; you're actually negotiating something else."