27 February 2023

In this episode of Inside my Head, our host Jessie Lancaster speaks with Jane Shepherdson CBE, the Chairperson of MY WARDROBE HQ, a fashion start-up aimed at promoting sustainable fashion. Jane, a self-proclaimed "rebellious soul" shares her unique and inspiring career journey, starting from her early days in the fashion industry to her current role. She opens up to Jessie about her experience as a founder of various start-ups in the sustainable fashion sector and talks frankly about how she adapted her different styles of leadership throughout her career. Jane also discusses how she helped Topshop grow from a 10 million to a 100 million-pound business, and her passion for sustainable clothing using science to drive innovation. Not to forget, she addresses the fear factor she had to deal with and how she nurtured her talents to be successful in such a competitive industry.Listen to The Negotiation Society podcast to discover Jane's most successful negotiation style and how it has helped her achieve great success in the fashion industry.

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"You know to have somebody who knew so little and I knew so much so I think that that gave me the additional confidence but you know I'm really not one of these sorts of super tough steely women."