26 February 2024

Ready to unlock the secrets behind successful negotiations in retail and procurement? Join Michael Perlish in this captivating episode of The Negotiation Society as he sits down with Chris Prahler, a seasoned professional with a 25-year journey spanning from Target to Chewy and Lowe's. Get ready to dive deep into Chris's experiences navigating both small startups and corporate giants. Discover the latest trends in procurement and strategic sourcing as Chris shares invaluable insights into the evolving landscape. Brace yourself for memorable negotiation anecdotes straight from Chris's illustrious career, packed with valuable lessons. As the podcast concludes, reflect on Chris's remarkable achievements and the crucial role of internal recognition in the dynamic world of retail. Don't miss out on this riveting discussion on retail trends and negotiation highlights with the one and only Chris Prahler!

Chris P

"We were staying in the main room when the vendor had gone off to the secondary room and my financial analyst got up and walked around the table. They saw that someone on their seat had their iPad and they had left it recording. The vendor had done that so they could listen in on what we were saying in between rounds. We were like, 'Wow, hold on, we're not comfortable with this at all."