20 March 2023

In this episode of tricks of my trade, Emily Chee is joined by two special guests, Aurell Hartawan and Lorik Morina, who are dual students at The Gap Partnership. Discover how the company’s talent initiatives empower these future leaders and how they are applying what they have learned to achieve their career goals. These young professionals are not afraid to put their negotiation skills to the test even in their personal lives too. Tune in as they share their real-life experiences, including how Lorik closed his first car deal using his professional flinch tactic and the power of silence. But it's not all about deals and dollars! Aurell and Lorik also open up about the challenges they have faced as they entered the workforce in different departments, including cultural shocks and adjusting to new ways of working. Aurell shares her experiences of adapting to the direct communication style in Germany versus her home country, Indonesia. 

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"Be comfortable with being uncomfortable is a very good tip that I would give. Because what happened was that I asked the car dealer for an offer. He made the offer and I instantly rejected it. I said 'No, no way. This is not happening."